After a career in the army, Martin spent 10 years managing Law Partnerships in the City of London. In 2002 he left the City to devote himself to his life-long passion for painting and sculpture. He attended regular life classes to improve his understanding of human anatomy and studied movement and dance at Central St Martin’s college of Art and Design in London.

He exhibits in London and galleries in the south of England. He has received numerous prizes for his work including one presented to him by HRH the Prince of Wales in the Mall Galleries for a painting of ballet dancers in rehearsal. He has a studio in Salisbury.

Prices are not listed in this website to avoid any confusion with galleries’ commission etc. Prices are available on demand with very high quality prints of most of these originals also available. Bronze and bronze resin sculptures are cast on limited edition runs and prices are available on request. Wire sculptures are “one offs” and prices are also available on inquiry.

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