Catch up on the latest news on Martin’s work and exhibitions.

  • My sculptures in a new Salisbury Art Gallery

    18 June 2014

    A new art gallery has recently opened in the Market Square in Salisbury called Gallery 21. They are currently showing 7 of my sculptures including 'Isis', the full sized bronze reclining nude of a young woman reading a magazine. The gallery has noticed a marked increase in footfall since her arrival!

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  • Holiday in India

    18 June 2014

    My wife and I spent the whole of February 2014 enjoying a wonderful holiday in India. I have started painting a series of pictures of some of the scenes we witnessed. They are on this website in Fine Arts - India and studies

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  • Ballet dancers

    7 October 2009

    I've produced a new series of pastel paintings based on sketches of dancers at the London School of Contemporary Dance.

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