Martin uses sculptor’s wire for drawing figures in 3D. The linear nature of this material allows him to create beautiful lines in space. These sculptures are taken from sketches he made of dancers in rehearsal at the London School of Contemporary Dance. He captures the grace and dynamics of the human body in movement and in the flowing complexity of classical ballet.

Martin now works increasingly in clay which gives him the freedom to explore and change his ideas and adds spontaneity to the final pose. He then uses bronze resin and/or bronze for the finished sculpture.

His first full bronze sculpture called “Free Spirit” was cast in August and exhibited in the Mall Galleries, London. It is doing very well. It is a limited edition of ten and number seven was sold in September 2013. He has also created a further four bronze sculptures, the latest of which, the life-sized “Isis” was sculpted as a commission and first exhibited in London in December 2012. His sculptures are regularly exhibited at the Wykeham Gallery.


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